We Are Jake

Curiously Strong

A mixed up Mixer original sports brawler (and sometimes dance fighter)

Equal parts mayhem and spectacular dunks with a healthy dash of derp.   Join a team, score a goal with one of dozen unique balls, and have crazy fun with your friends!    Designed from the ground up for Mixer, Microsoft’s new live streaming platform, We Are Jake supports up to 40 simultaneous players with a variety of awesome play modes.

What makes We Are Jake super special is that its being developed inclusively with the Mixer community!    Several times each week, crew members from very very spaceship beam in to live host matches, moderate design discussions and take feature requests and suggestions.     The game evolves and changes daily based on feedback and ideas from the Mixer Community!

Join the crew Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday evenings starting at 4pm Pacific at mixer.com/vvspaceship to join the fun!